31 January 2009


IYAK! ayo kita olahraga 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8....

huuuuuuuuuuuuuh. capeeeeeeek

GA! aku ga boleh capek!


tapiiiiii huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh


30 January 2009

Dahfa Dried Fish Fillet and Nori

have you ever eat this one?
nyam nyam nyam yummy yummy
This is the delicious food that i ever ate. And i can't stop eat if my mother buy it for me. The taste is like eat raw fish, it doesn't smell good, but it's so delicious. Usually this food is also called Juhi
You must try to eat this. Because in this food there's a lot nutrient contents. Many friends at my class didn't like this food. I don't know why. Actually, this food is very delicious, maybe because its smell, they don't like it.

You can buy this food in the supermarket or the mall to be more complete, it seems quite difficult to find this food except in All Fresh.

naaaaaaaaaah, in All Fresh there is food also similar with that. the seaweed, or nori. Nori is the name in Japanese food to form sheets of dried seaweed. Nori is used for traditional foods, for example, to make sushi. I certainly feel all of you like/love this food. Because it's more delicious than juhi.

Nori have a lot of sense, depending on the company's product is. It's the original or without seasoning. There also have a sense of salty, spicy, and tom yum

Do you wanna try to eat both of them? Yes you should! :)

29 January 2009

Hair Extension

Oke first, i wanna tell you about what the meaning of HAIR EXTENSION?
some of you have heard about hair extensions from magazines or television. But also many who had never heard about it

Hair Extension is......
Hair = Rambut (in indonesia)
Extension = Sambungan (in indonesia)

So, Hair extension is one name that is used for extension of hair. Not only that, hair extensions are used for fashion and hair trends. When we see it, it seems easy enough. You just choose hair that you like and than you go to salon to continuation that. For the continuation own way have two options are usually used. That is, the way through with a special glue made from a mixture of acrylic, rubber, and plastic. Meanwhile, a second ring or using a similar ring made of aluminum material. How to continuation that? emmmmh, actually, i don't know much. I just know made the hair on the original one with the hair extensions using glue or ring. ya, just it. but you can see more in this web click here!

the price for the hair is not cheap. 1 sheet or 1 small bunch can be 7000 - 10000. it all depends on the salon you go

my friend, Penni, has been extension her hair. And she is very satisfied with the hair. But, a day after that, her head felt heavy and difficult to wash it. Moreover, she must take carefull her hair. Sometimes her (extension) hair does not look like hair neatly original

19 January 2009


hell yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....
mein name ist Puti Rahayu Fadila! masih inget my wonderful life kan? yaap! itu punya gue yang pertama, naaaaaaaaah blog ke DUA gue akhirnya terbuat juga, daaaan, sepertiya gue ga mulai dr hari ini atau akhr2 ini, karenaaaaaaaaa, gue belom ada waktu..
cuma mau ngeksis ajeeeee cihuy